Prima Musa® was born in 2015 from the idea of Italian entrepreneurs with a passion for coffee and design. Our story is founded on decades of work experience in mechanical design, spanning from the household appliance, automotive, and furniture sectors. Leveraging the knowledge acquired during our ten years of design and production activities, we embarked on the production of professional and semi-professional coffee machines, aiming to meet customer demands through various customizations.
We are determined to export a design-focused product built to last in Italy to the world. Our mission is to transform every cup of coffee into an extraordinary experience while preserving the beauty and flavor of authentic Italian coffee.
Our commitment is to produce the best in terms of coffee machines, sharing the taste of authentic Italian coffee. Our artisanal production adds value to our coffee machines, as each one is entirely handmade. With Prima Musa®, every cup of coffee becomes a work of art, and every moment becomes a memorable experience.

Our Production Line


At Prima Musa®, we believe that every customer is unique, and this philosophy is reflected in our design. We offer the opportunity to customize our coffee machines to meet the specific needs of each customer. Whether you are a professional barista looking for a machine with specific features or a business seeking a customized design to represent your brand, we are here to create the coffee machine of your dreams.
Our team of design experts will collaborate with you to understand your needs and translate them into innovative solutions. With our flexibility and deep knowledge of coffee machines, we can create customized machines with impeccable performance.
Whether you desire a unique coffee machine for your brand or are looking to elevate your coffee experience, Prima Musa® is here to turn your vision into reality. Our tailor-made design is our commitment to providing customized solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Major International Trade Shows"

Prima Musa® is present in most international fairs.


Prima Musa transmits the tradition and culture of Italian espresso coffee around the world.
The quality of our products is synonymous with passion, technology and design.
For us, Design is sharing ideas with the customer to offer him a personalized product.
The strength of Prima Musa in addition to the design that highlights the cultural value of made in Italy is the personalization of the product, combining the ideas and needs of the customer with his reference market in the development.
“Beauty is not a gift from the gods, it is a productive element that concerns the understanding of the intrinsic relationships of an object”

Cit. Denis Diderot

The attention to detail that makes us unique ...

Prima Musa "Italian Custom Espresso Machine"