Prima Musa is a registered trademark of DECO S.r.l., a company based in Saccolongo in the province of Padua founded in 2011.
Over the years, it has distinguished itself for competence and professionalism, working with the aim of exporting Italian style and taste to the world.
With Prima Musa, DECO has set itself the goal of designing and marketing professional coffee machines with high quality standards, not only for design and style but also for the quality of materials and components, exclusively of Italian production, to obtain the better extraction of coffee and to obtain the original and traditional goodness of Italian espresso coffee.
Years of research and development, translated into passion, perseverance and excellent teamwork with professional partners in the sector, cabinetmakers and leather artisans, have resulted in a collection of machines that embody tradition and Italian spirit in full style and taste.
An absolute value to take overseas …


Our design office deals entirely with the design and engineering of the machine, in collaboration with the customer to customize and make the machine unique.


Prima Musa is present in the main world trade fairs of the sector and HO.RE.CA.


Prima Musa transmits the tradition and culture of Italian espresso coffee around the world.
The quality of our products is synonymous with passion, technology and design.
For us, Design is sharing ideas with the customer to offer him a personalized product.
The strength of Prima Musa in addition to the design that highlights the cultural value of made in Italy is the personalization of the product, combining the ideas and needs of the customer with his reference market in the development.
“Beauty is not a gift from the gods, it is a productive element that concerns the understanding of the intrinsic relationships of an object”

Cit. Denis Diderot

The attention to detail that makes us unique ...

Prima Musa "Italian Custom Espresso Machine"