Espresso Coffee Machine

Apollo is the machine that expresses the excellence of craftsmanship of the Prima Musa brand.
In mythology, the prophetic symbols of Apollo are the laurel, the bow and arrows.
In the design of the Prima Musa machine he wanted to re-propose his masculine forms by translating these stylistic features into a mechanics with a classic and refined taste.
Raised by feet from the inverted arch shape that constitutes the podium, it shows character and generous proportions, the central logo in metal grille breaks through the external casing to show the internal technology, defined by precious materials.
Absolute elegance is represented by the finishes of the side caps, powder coated or covered in leather, as are the sleeves and levers. The brand in focus is a guarantee of manual manufacturing and fine workmanship.

Elegant and refined design.

Version with 2 and 3 high and low groups.
Thermosiphonic system with E61 Group.
Multiboiler system with E61 Group.
Polished and powder coated steel body.
Fine finishes with filter holder handles and wooden steam wand knob.
Sides with LED lighting.
Removable worktop for practical cleaning and washing.

Craftsmanship and fine finishes.

Version with 2 and 3 high and low groups.
Apollo is a machine made entirely with craftsmanship, in collaboration with cabinetmakers, craftsmen of leather and hide, etc. This allows Apollo to be unique and customizable for a perfect integration with the environment and the style that surrounds it.
Or be unique to give a distinctive and unique sign to the place.
Apollo is the coffee machine that can be customized starting from the color, from the details of the finishes, etc.

Innovative colors ....

Innovative colors to give a different and innovative style to a coffee machine that is integrated as a furnishing object of the room.
Calliope is not a simple coffee machine but an integral part of all the furnishings of the bar, such as the restaurant, coffee shop, etc.
Apollo is the Espresso Coffee Machine customizable in the colors and in the design of the details …




Dimensions (l x h x p)
Weight (Kg)
Maximum power
4.500 W
6.000 W
Power supply voltage
230 – 400 V
230 – 400 V
Boiler capacity
14 Lt
21 Lt
Boiler capacity (Multiboiler only)
2 x 0,6 Lt
3 x 0,6 Lt
Graphic LCD
Graphic LCD
Boiler temperature regulation and control
Pressure switch + Digital (PID)
Pressure switch + Digital (PID)
ON / OFF programming
Daily + Closing day
Daily + Closing day
Temperature display on display
Temperature control (PID)
Water level on display
Low group and high group
Group temperature on Display
Digital temperature setting (PID)
ON / OFF programming
Graphic LCD display
LED lights