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Italian Design Coffee Machines, reliable and designed to meet the needs of the most demanding baristas.
Prima Musa is a brand of the DECO Srl group, with Prima Musa DECO has set itself the goal of designing and building coffee machines of exceptional quality, not only for the design and style but also for the quality of the materials and above all for the high goodness of coffee ….

Coffee Machines

Apollo is the machine that expresses the excellence of craftsmanship of the Prima Musa brand.
In mythology, the prophetic symbols of Apollo are the laurel, the bow and arrows.
In the design of the Prima Musa machine he wanted to re-propose his masculine forms by translating these stylistic features into a mechanics with a classic and refined taste.
Raised by feet from the inverted arch shape that constitutes the podium, it shows character and generous proportions, the central logo in metal grid breaks through the external casing to show the internal technology, defined by precious materials …..
Grafica Apollo
Grafica Calliope
Calliope is the goddess of the Prima Musa Brand.
It is the first coffee machine of the Italian start-up, a machine that evokes in its clean and pure forms the elegance and feminine grace.
Dressed in strong and lively colors, it also transfers the same sensation to coffee. Calliope wants to be an envelope of precious materials, refined in details and finishes, it gives an aspect of pop aesthetic culture and Italian style, a veneration of design and taste. Excellence, tradition and passion for taste in a cup of coffee.